Online Ticket Payment
Online Processing Limitations:
  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that payments are made in sufficient time to meet required deadlines.
  2. If your ticket does not display, there may be some problem with accessing your ticket. You will have to contact Municipal Court at (256) 427-7800 for further information.
  3. I hereby understand that I have a legal right to contest this citation and have a trial before court.  By handling this ticket by payment I understand that I am pleading guilty to this offense and waiving my right to a trial.  I understand that my plea of guilty will have the same force and effect as a judgment of conviction by the court and that a record of this conviction will be sent to the drivers license division of the Alabama Department of Public Safety (or of the state where I received my license to drive).  I further understand and agree under penalty of law (Section 13A-10-109, Code of Alabama 1975), that I have not been convicted of two or more traffic violations during the preceding 12 months.